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Making a Complex Problem a Little Easier

The Diet Page

In "the old days", diabetic diets were difficult, inefficient, and sometimes downright dangerous. That was then, and this is now. WE have learned so much, and dietary technology has come so far. One of the chief resources offered by the diabetes education services in the Diabetes Alliance concerns dietary advice. Consider the information here and call to sign up for more.

ADA Dietary Home

The American Diabetes Association has extensive and wonderful resources for diet and fitness. The link to the right launches the Diet and Fitness page of the ADA website. The Dieticians of the St. Luke's Diabetes Care Center, The Toledo Clinic, and the EDCC can meet with you personally and offer further advice.
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Featured Recipes

Having diabetes does not mean resigning to a life of hunger or dietary boredom. New sweeteners, natural foods, and a world of healthy choices awaits. Check out this portal to a world of culinary delight.
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