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Health data used to be acquired only in the hospital or clinic. Not any more. Patients can now easily measure, record, and report blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and other parameters.

Home Glucose Monitoring and Reporting

Glucose monitors used to be crude, imprecise, and disconnected. Today's monitors can measure sugars in nearly real time, report results directly to the patient's caregivers, and even help determine baseline insulin dosing. Discuss this with your physician or diabetes educator. We will keep new information available here as well.
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The Connected Patient

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Diabetes is complex. It does not lend itself well to an occasional office visit, an occasional medicine adjustment, a simple diet or no diet at all. No, a healthy lifestyle is important for all of us, but most of us can ignore this. Diabetes simply forces our hand. Diabetics simply need to do what we should all do, but do it better and more proactively. Working the problem every day and being in regular contact with the whole team is the key to being successful and making it second nature. The Diabetes Alliance can help your team work better with each other and with you.