The Diabetes Alliance


The Diabetes Alliance and eClinical Works

Interoperability Between Caregivers

Medicine is a complex affair. It can no longer be done in the paper world. The only chance a doctor has to keep up is in an EMR environment, and in the EMR world it is all about interoperability. Electronic prescriptions have been mandated for a while now. The next critical steps are communications between offices, between the office and laboratories, and across the care continuum. The Diabetes Alliance members primarily use eClinical Works, the industry-leading EMR that offers standard-setting interoperability. We are now building an eCW-based platform to share critical diabetes data easily and securely across the continuum of patients' care providers.
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eClinical Works

Technology is a foundation, not an end in itself. The member practices of the Diabetes Alliance all use as their foundation eClinical Works, the industry's clear leader in ambulatory care and data management. Unlike older programs that evolved in the '90s and are still shackled to the limitations of the past, eCW is a modern system built from the ground up to provide nimble, efficient patient care, interfacing with other systems, communications, and reporting so providers can use, learn, and improve care based on the data collected. eCW, along with interfaced specialty systems actually empowers patient care instead of bogging it down, as is so often seen with the leaders of a past era.
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MDoffice- The best in Eye Care

The Vision Alliance practices are largely standardized on the MDoffice EMR, the industry's standard for best-of-breed eye care support. This also interfaces with the imaging technologies so important to eye care and also to eClinical Works and other systems critical to The Diabetes Alliance. Like eClinical Works, MDoffice also provides outstanding patient portal capabilities to allow patients to access their data and participate in their care.
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